About Frugals

Frugals is a Community Project that came to life in 2015 after being a dream for many years. The project was named "Frugals" as the plan is to let nothing go to waste that can be reused or recycled. This project was a long-time dream of Kallien Louw who applied Permaculture and Forest Gardening in her own garden with great success over the past number of years. Kallien's aim is to pass this knowledge on to the Frugals Project heroes, helping them to generate food with the knowledge that they will gain through participation in the Frugals Community project.

The project aims to achieve the following:

  1. To generate food in own garden by using everything that nature pffers.

  2. Developing employment opportunities as the project matures.

  3. Knowledge transfer to community members who will be able to apply these principles in their own gardens to produce food and potential income.

  4. Creating an opportunity for people from different cultures to get involved with each other and to show kindness to each other.

  5. Linking up with the municipality's strive to go green and reduce Heidelberg's carbon footprint enabling future generations to exist sustainably. It is for this reason that the project requested the help of the municipality in delivering the leaves picked up around town to Frugals instead of the local dump. As at August 2016, we have not received an answer to this request. Due to this, we've changed pace and now decided to manage the project in the personal gardens of identified people in the community. Kallien will collect the leaves at her own cost and time and deliver it to the specific premises.

The system is based on the principle that everything on earth contains energy. Over time nature can break down everything that is organic. This releases the energy to be reused by nature. The components involved in this is water, sun and organic material. Leaves will be the main source of organic matter. The organisms in te soil will do the real work to recycle the energy! Us humans just needs to bring it all together to allow it to happen. The soil does not need to be intensely worked - in fact it is preferable that the soil is disturbed as little as possible as it affects the organisms living in the soil. So the breakdown process will happen as it would in a forest where all the leaves collects on the ground and are broken down by nature. The plan are to then plant the following plants and trees in the fertile soil that develops from this natural process:

  • Avocado trees
  • Pecan nut trees
  • Banana trees
  • Orange trees
  • Lemon trees
  • Paw-paw trees
  • Granadilla bushes
  • Berries
  • Spinach
  • Onions
  • Pumpkin
  • Ginger
  • Chillies
  • Sweet peppers
  • Different herbs

The trees form part of the long-term vision of the project as there will be no immediate food generated from them. With the other plants the project will be able to generate food faster. As the project matures more people will be identified to take part.

We will make and sell garden swings to generate income to eventually be able to pay someone to collect and deliver leaves to free up Kallien.

What we have

We already have

  • a sponsor for the development, 3 years maintenance and hosting fees of the frugals.co.za website.
  • 20 Pecan plants
  • 20 Paw-paw plants
  • 5 Avocado plants
  • A few Granadilla plants

What we need

We need the following:

  • Agreement from the municipality that the pink bags with leaves that workers collect around town may be dropped at the Frugals premises instead of the local dump site, the Frugals heroes will sort the contents and no change in the current process is expected from the municipality - this we never got an answer from the municipality as at August 2016.
  • Goodwill and support of the local community to support this project in uplifting community members.
  • Participation in the project and willingness to become Frugal Heroes.

Meet The Team

Our Local heroes - here we will post photos of the heroes joining the project.

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